Icon Creator T-Roned

Take hold of the creative process and make your phone/tablet look the way you want it to look by creating your own icons with the T-Roned Icon Creator app. You can build an icon with 3 different layers. Choose an icon face, a background, and a border. There are over 400 different icon faces. Each layer can be scaled and transformed as well as edited with our image editor. The image editor has 17 functions that will allow to edit the color and style of each layer. This means there are endless possibilities with what you can do. This app works with Wizard Cut, with any app that uses ADW Launcher icon packs, with Nova Launcher, or with Circle Launcher. If you use this set with Wizard Cut the assets can be used with any launcher. If used with Wizard Cut you can place icons sized 2 * 2 at full resolution. This app features app to SD card.

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